Soul Food

chicken skewer

For shish tawook chicken marinade

-500g boneless chicken thigh ( yes I used thigh instead of breast for me the meat is more juicy than breast)
-4tbsp of yogurt
-3grated garlic
-lemon juice/zest
-ginger powder/cinnamon/paprika/tomato paste /salt and black pepper
-cut the chicken thigh into cubes then in in your big mixing bowl pour the yogurt,lemon ,garlic and the other species mix it until you get a orangey color then add the chicken on it mix until all the chicken is coated and let it marinate for 2hrs .

For The TABBOULEH salad
(Good for 2-3person)
-1bunch of parsley
-2spring onions
-2pcs tomato
-mint leaves
-lemon juice
-1/4cup bulgur
-olive oil
-salt and pepper to taste

-first you need to soak the fine bulgur in the water until it become fluffy no need to cooked then set aside
-now wash and chopped finely the parsley
-chopped finely the spring onion
-chopped finely the mint
-chopped the tomato into small cubes
– now if the ingredients is all prepared in a salad bowl mix all this ingredient then add the sauce ,the sauce is a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice then add salt and pepper to taste

This was soo delicious good choice that I used the chicken thighs instead of chicken breast it’s more juicy🤤


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