Crispy Ham & Cheese or Turkey & Cheese Rollups! Ro

Crispy Ham & Cheese or Turkey & Cheese Rollups!
1 La Banderita Carb Counter large wrap (5 net carbs)
2 slices Swiss or pepper Jack cheese (or your fav)
Deli ham or turkey (I used Boarshead because I eat less on keto so I can afford it!)
Bacon (I used pre-cooked because easy)
Tear up cheese in large pieces to spread around tortilla. Spread out sliced deli meat. Throw bacon on now, if you got it. Roll up tight and slice. Fix slices with toothpicks. Coat bottom of pan with favorite oil. Fry on all sides until golden brown. Drain on paper towel.
I dip these in Yucatán guacamole singles! (2 net carbs each)
Edit: use however much deli meat you like, as long as it fits your macros 👍🏻

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