Spanakopita Tofu-fèta

  • “Spanakopita”:Tofu-fèta in spinache in puff pastry.
    I worked in Greece many years ago and spanakopita was my favorite dish. I made it at home at least once a month but with puff pastry instead of filo pastry.
    Than I turned vegan 5,5 years ago. I tried vegan feta, but it meltes, is very fat and I don’t like the taste. Than I tried tofu cubes with marinades i found on internet, but still not good enough.
    But then I found the solution to crumble it like scrambled tofu.
    And we love it!
    Press firm tofu (350-400 grams), crumble and put in marinade for a day.
    Marinade: mix in a flat dish with a fork:
    2 tbs warm water, 2 tbs nutritional yeast, 2 tbs oil like rapeseed oil or light olive oil, 2 tbs apple cider vinager, 1 tbs lemonjuice, 1 tsp garlicpowder, 1 tsp misopaste, 1 tsp salt (to taste, it depends also on the spinache, is it salty or not, black peper few dashes.
    Mix the tofu with about 600-700 pressed cooked spinache (from jar or freezer or cooked). Taste it so maybe you need more salt, pepper or more lemon/apple vinager.
    Put paper in an oven dish, let the paper out so it is easy to take the spanakopita out of the dish.
    Put pastry at the bottom, mixed tofu/spinache, pastry, mix, pastry.
    50 minutes on 200°C. The last 10 minutes take out of the oven disch and bake it on the oven rack.
    Warm or cold, both tastes great!
    The tofu-fèta is also good in a greek salad! You can mix some herbs in it too.
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