Crispy sesame tofu with rice made a nice

Press two blocks of extra firm tofu for several hours. This is optional but I have found that the pressing gives it a better texture and soaks up the marinade better.

Cut tofu into cubes. For the marinade mix equal amounts of soy sauce and water, about ¼ cup of sugar (can also use maple syrup), and a little bit of oil. Place tofu in marinade and let it sit in fridge for at least 4 hours (I let mine sit overnight).

Heat up oil in wok. Remove tofu cubes from marinade, draining off the excess liquid, and coat thoroughly with corn starch (I like to separate this process into two batches).

Fry coated tofu cubes in oil rearranging ever so often for even cooking until they are a nice golden brown. The longer you cook them, the more crispy they will be. Place on rack to cool off and drain. Again, you want to do this in two batches.

Clean out wok and drizzle a bit of oil in. Sauté grated ginger, sliced green onions (use the bottom half), and finely sliced garlic.

In a bowl mix together about 2 T cornstarch, 3 T sugar, 2 T rice vinegar, 2 T light soy sauce, 2 T dark soy sauce, and 3-4 T cold water. These are approximate measurements, as I just eyeball it while making the sauce. Whisk together and pour into wok with garlic, onions, and ginger. Stir on medium heat until thickened and turn the heat off. Add in sesame seeds and then gently fold in the fried tofu until evenly coated with sauce. Garnish with the remaining chopped green onion and serve with rice.