Beef pepper steak

Beef pepper steak


4 steaks
10 g butter (or 2 Teaspoons)
8 cl of dry white wine (or 1.6 teaspoons)
5 teaspoons of whole liquid cream ( 30% fat )
1 dash of mustard
Pepper from the mill
2 Tablespoons of mignonette pepper
1 teaspoon of veal stock
1/4 teaspoons of cognac or champagne
2 tbsp. grapeseed oil
Salt or fine salt


In a plate put a little salted oil and in another the mignonette of white pepper.
Pass each steak in the oil and then in the mignonette (this is a little trick to keep the pepper well stuck to the meat)

Heat a frying pan over high heat with a knob of butter and a tablespoon of grapeseed oil, then when the steaks are ready to be milled, place them in the pan and sear them well on both sides.
When the cooking will meet your expectations (blue, rare, or medium-rare) remove them to a separate dish, cover them with aluminum foil to keep them warm, and let the meat rest so that the juices can be released and the meat can tenderize.

In the meantime, remove the fat from the frying pan and put it back on the high heat, then pour in your cognac, stir with a small whisk to loosen the juices, then add the white wine, let it reduce by half, add the cream, let it reduce by half again and finally add the veal stock.
Turn off your gas and add a teaspoon of strong mustard then add the butter in small cubes while turning the frying pan to incorporate it (rise) and correct the seasoning.
Add to this sauce the juice returned by your steaks while they were resting, stir one last time and on nice hot plates, dress your steaks with pepper and coat them with your sauce.
You will be able to serve as you wish apples in a casserole or sautéed or hazelnuts or straw or deck-nine


4 thick steaks in rump steak (some will prefer the tenderloin for tenderness but rump steak or even sirloin have a better texture for this recipe