Chateaubriand Beef & Veg

Chateaubriand Beef & Veg
Chateaubriand Beef & Veg
500gm weight, sprayed with Avocado oil, seasoned with sea salt, black pepper and garlic powder, placed on paper liner on tray, then dehydrate for 2hrs 70c. Removed, wrapped in foil and towel, left to rest for 2 hours.
Colcannon mashed potato in foil tray (defrosted leftovers from Christmas Day)butter on top AF 20m 200c, stirred once half way through
Frozen sprouts in foil tray, sprayed with Avocado oil, AF 10m 200c, lowered to 180c for 5m.
Put beef back in to AF 210c for 3 minutes.
Put juices from meat into M&S onion gravy (sometimes it’s good to cheat 😂) with 100ml of red wine, whilst that was coming up to boil, carved beef…then plated up!
Totally stress free Sunday roast all cooked in the Ninja, it was lush!
Totally forgot I had frozen Yorkie puds…I blame Keith Floyd, you need wine to cook….but, sometimes I do add it to the food!
Love this community but….I am a Ninja Virgin…please be kind to all of us ❤️