Grilled Tomahawk Steak

Grilled Tomahawk Steak

Grilled Tomahawk Steak recipe – I couldn’t help myself. Look at those rib bones…how could I not grill this steak?


  • 2 (2-inch thick) tomahawk ribeye steaks (whole rib bone still attached, or get a rib roast and ask for it to be Frenched and cut into steaks)
  • 4 teaspoons kosher salt
  • 1 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper


    1. Season the steaks: At least an hour before cooking, sprinkle the meat evenly with the salt and pepper. This can be done as early as the night before; cover the steaks with plastic wrap and refrigerate, then take the steaks out when you start heating the grill.
    2. Set the grill up for indirect high heat: Set the grill up for indirect high heat; half the grill with direct high heat, and the other half with no heat. (The grill’s internal temperature should be 400 to 500°F.) On my Weber kettle I light a full chimney starter of charcoal, wait for it to be mostly covered with gray ash, then pour it in a tight pile over half the grill, two to three coals deep. Then I put the grate on the grill and brush it clean.
  1. Reverse sear the steaks: Put the steaks on the grill over indirect heat, away from the lit coals, with the bone side of the steaks facing the heat. Close the lid, and position the air holes directly over the steaks. Cook the steaks with the lid closed; after ten minutes, flip the steaks and swap them so the steak that was farther away from the heat is now closer. The steaks are ready for searing when they reach 115°F internal in the thickest part, about 20 minutes of indirect cooking. (115°F is medium rare. Cook to 105°F to 110°F for rare, 125°F for medium. Beyond that…buy a thinner steak.)
  2. Quickly sear the steaks over direct heat: Move the meaty part of the steaks directly over the coals, with the bones hanging over the indirect heat part of the grill. Sear the steaks, flipping every minute or two, until they are browned and crusty, about 6 minutes. Move to a large (and I mean LARGE) serving platter.
  3. Carve and serve: Let the steaks rest for ten minutes, then show them to your guests. Put the steaks on a cutting board and run a sharp knife along the curve of the bone to carve the meat from the bone. Pass the bones around as an appetizer (anyone want a rib?) and then slice and serve the steaks.