Pasta with shrimp

Pasta with shrimp
Half a kilo of peeled shrimp
400 grams of oven pasta, snails or ribbons
A spoonful of minced garlic
A cup of cooking cream
Pepper fruit
Vegetable oil
a cup of milk
2 tablespoons of flour
Half a cup of parmesan cheese
Preparation steps:
Boil the pasta and put it in the strainer. Do not leave the pasta in the boil for a long time, so that it can be completed with the sauce.
Wash the shrimp well with lemon and vinegar, and it is better to clean the back and cut a hole with a knife and remove any excesses.
Season the shrimp with garlic and salt.
Heat a frying pan over a medium heat and put the shrimp in it. The most important thing is that the shrimp retain water and not lose it during cooking, because this causes the shrimp to shrink and become dry. My heart has a small cut pepper, as it gives a wonderful flavor to the dish.
To make sure that the shrimp is complete, you will find that its color has changed from white to pink.
In another deep frying pan to prepare the sauce, put two tablespoons of vegetable oil and two tablespoons of flour on it, and make sure that the flour is completely dissolved in the oil, then add the milk and cream and stir until it becomes thick, then add the shrimp and pasta and stir the ingredients together for a minute.
Add grated cheese on top of the pasta to melt with the heat of the sauce and give a wonderful flavor.
Serve it while it is hot and do not leave it to cool down, because if it is left to cool, the sauce will freeze.
Enjoy !!!!