Vegan brownies

Vegan Plant based brownies.
My apologies for the late response loves.
You need 1 bar of chocolate 60%
Use two of the squares.
just eggs
1/2cup of brown sugar
1/2cup Almond flour
1/2teaspoon pink salt
1/2tsp baking powder
1/4cup dark coco powder
10tableapoon of vegan butter.
1/2teaspoon of vanilla extract
Melt the squares and butter together, mix well
In another bowl add the extract and egg beat until smooth, add the chocolate mixture mix well.
Then the dry ingredients mix well.
Line your pan with parchment, spray with cooking spray
Bake in 350 for 20-22 mins..
Side note. I took extra chunks of chocolate and added it in the top before baking and then melted a little more for the drizzle. Half some fresh clean strawberries. Hit it with the drizzle and there you have it. Be blessed Family. ❤️

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