Dark Chocolate Salted Pecan Fat Bombs


 Intensely Dark Chocolate Bar (1.5 bars) Pecan Halves (5 oz) Coconut Oil (5 Tbsp) Vanilla (1 Tsp) Ground Cinnamon (1 Tbsp or to taste) Pink Himalayan Salt (To taste) 24-square silicone mold
In a small microwave-safe bowl melt the chocolate and coconut oil (1 minute).
Mix until smooth and add vanilla and cinnamon.
Next add pecans and mix again until covered. (Note it will be soupy consistency).
Using a large spoon, add equal amounts to each of the 24 squares in the silicone mold until the mixture is gone. (This is roughly 3-4 pecans per square, making sure the liquid is even).
Salt heavily to taste.
Pop in the freezer for 30 min and enjoy!
Macros per piece:
100 calories 10g fat 1g carb 1g protein
My calculations came out slightly less, but I rounded up to be safe
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