Keto Crab Rangoon

Keto Crab Rangoon
  1. Heat up a med pot with oil of choice.⠀

    Several sheets of @Cutdacarb, 1 sheet makes 3⠀
    1 can lump crab meat⠀
    2 8oz pkgs of cream cheese⠀
    2 tbsp @flavorgod Garlic Lovers⠀
    1 tbsp onion powder⠀
    1 tbsp coconut aminos⠀
    1 egg beaten⠀
    @flavorgod Pink Salt and Peppercorn to taste ⠀

    1) Soften cream cheese , dump in the crab, garlic lovers , onion powder, and coconut aminos. Salt pepper to taste and mix well.⠀
    2) Cut 3 circles out of a Cutdacarb sheet. We used a 5″ ramakin to cut circles with. ⠀
    3) Brush outer edge of the circle you cut and brush with the egg. Use a tbsp or so in the middle of the circle and fold over like a taco. Press edges firmly to seal and deep fry immediately. We fried 1 or 2 at a time. They fry quick so don’t take your eyes off em.. repeat til you have your desired amount. You can cut this in half if you want, this makes enough filling for about 25 .